BrainyAct® is based on neuroscience, using proven therapeutic methods, both interactive and responsive to drive faster neuroplastic changes. Created by Dr. Nelson Mane and mom/researcher, Dolly Lowery. BrainyAct’s video game experience makes skill building fun for adolescents.

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As low as $78 /session

+ $750 Equipment Fee ($500 refundable upon return)

4 Months - $2970
6 Months - $3800
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Program Overview


BrainyAct is a great fit for public, private, or charter schools that are looking to help their special education students achieve stronger outcomes in a shorter time frame. BrainyAct is a tech-enabled, innovative solution that can be delivered in a multi-student-to-staff ratio allowing you to serve more kids.

Schools can utilize Title One funding, disability waivers, or private pay to purchase our program.

Program Overview

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Available at our
Hopkins, MN Center

Motor skills serve as a foundational element contributing to various symptoms
Identifies motor skills strengths and deficits across 15 different Domain Areas, which follows the well-known and researched hierarchy of brain development
Pre-Program Purchase Consultation
Comprehensive Assessment
Comprehensive Results

Program Overview



Early Learning Accelerator
4 Month Program

Movement and motor coordination are the foundation for early learning success. Once you master these skills, it makes it easier for the brain to process information, filter out outer sensory distractions, and make learning easier.

By training balance, coordination, gross and fine motor skills, attention span, and visual tracking, you’ll see improvements in handwriting, reading, attention, and emotional regulation. 

In-home Program
Downloadable workbooks
Instruction Videos

Ways You Can Pay

HSA, FSA, HRA, & Wellness Credits

BrainyAct is intended to meet the IRS requirements to be eligible for reimbursement through a sponsored wellness program, flexible spending, or health savings arrangement (FSA, HSA, HRA). Kinuu will be able to provide support and billing documentation for approval by your plan.

Private Pay

We strive to make this easy and convenient to help you and your family. So, we have structured our program as a one-time fee or you can split payments into 3 installments on the purchase page by selecting the option to do payment plans.

CDCS – Alternative Therapy Programs

BrainyAct is an allowable service in some Minnesota counties. Contact your county support planner and/or case manager to add BrainyAct to your service plan. Kinuu will assist with documentation and guidance.

Families report seeing visible improvement after 16 weeks in our BrainyAct® Program in 3 key areas:


You can choose to complete a complimentary consult with one of our team members or choose a program that fits your family, home, or center and get started. 

The recommended age is for individuals over age six. The game graphics tend to appeal more
to kids; however, people of all ages can play and benefit from BrainyAct. 

      • Ability to communicate one or two words verbally, visually, and auditorily
      • Full-body motion (stand, jump, twirl)
      • Follow and cooperate with directions
      • Number, letter, color, and small word recognition (1st-grade ability level)

BrainyAct is a supplemental learning and educational program. Kinuu, the company that developed BrainyAct, does not diagnose, cure, treat or prevent learning disabilities

Currently, insurance does not cover the cost of BrainyAct. However, some Minnesota counties offer grants to families experiencing learning disabilities such as autism. Contact your county to learn more about these financial assistance programs.  

What sets BrainyAct apart is the technology and how it is delivered. Our technology is 100% response activated. We can give millisecond feedback to the child increases the amount of activation for a session. Activation drives neuroplasticity. The game can see how the child is performing and provide an instantaneous response, guiding the child to constantly work towards improving those motor skills. We can increase the amount of activation by combining vision and motor skill-based exercises, therefore, decreasing the time it takes to drive improvements. 

All of our BrainyAct activities and exercises have been modeled from clinically proven and established protocols from occupational therapy, vestibular rehabilitation, vision therapy, and eye-tracking movements. We have repackaged these popular, established therapies in a way that is engaging and effective for lasting improvements.

The requirements needed are a strong internet connection and approximately 5×9 feet of open
space with a table or desk near an electrical outlet to place the computer console.

Parents are provided with one on one coaching support and training by a Kinuu team member. We provide a parent login so they too can complete an assessment and play session. It gives parents an opportunity to experience body positioning, techniques, etc. for game execution. Throughout the program, families are provided with player progress, e-learning tools, resources, and technical/game support.

Contact your BrainyAct team member to assist with resetting your account

If you need to stop a session, quit the exercise and log off the game. The next time you’re ready to play, the game will where you left off.

The program begins with a baseline assessment that identifies weak brain and body connections and foundational sensory, motor, perceptual and cognitive skills that drive learning and development. The assessment sets the stage for future personalized gameplay.

Assessments are only available at our Minnetonka, MN center.

On average the assessments take 1-2 hours.

A comprehensive assessment report is provided to families within 1-2 days after the child completes the assessment. A Kinuu team member will schedule a date & time to review the results.

Scheduling for BrainyAct occurs after we receive your enrollment and payment. Once payment is received, one of our BrainyAct coaches will contact you to schedule your child’s first assessment.  

Each BrainyAct session will take anywhere from 40-50 minutes for your child to complete. 

Families should plan to schedule time for 12 play sessions a month, three times per week.

It’s helpful to bring a water bottle, glasses if the child needs them for reading, and non-restrictive clothing so they can jump, twirl, and dance with ease.

Schedule your one-time assessment!

Assessment – $149

Available at Hopkins, MN or California Providers . This is a great way to see first-hand if BrainyAct is a good fit for your child. You will receive a BrainyAct Dashboard showing baseline measurements outlining functional strengths and areas for improvement. You will receive a comprehensive BrainyAct consultation and individualized coaching during the assessment session.

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