Spark 2 Hope

We are a Sensory Gym and Respite Care Center
that supports children with a variety of special
needs. In addition, we offer certified county
support planning services for CSG and CDCS
waivers. BrainyAct is a perfect fit for the special needs children we serve to help them grow and achieve their true potential.

555 Railroad Dr. NW Ste. D
Elk River, MN 55330
(763) 260-0182

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DFit Plus

We are a niche and inclusive gym that serves
clients who may be differently abled but are
open to the public and everyone who is
focused on fitness.

2150 New Castle Ave
New Castle DE
(302) 268-8011

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Certified Network BrainyAct Providers

Expand your product and service offering and help more families succeed in school and in life by providing them a tailored Brain Fitness program in your community. BrainyAct makes a great complimentary offering to your practice and because it works for ages 6-30 it allows you to serve a broad audience and strengthen your client relationship.

Accelerate learning potential and see positive outcomes in as few as 6 months.