BrainyAct Network Provider License

From $1,970.00

Partners are provided with everything needed to successfully implement BrainyAct. BrainyAct’s assessments, personalized play/training sessions, and supplemental homework exercises are focused to fill functional gaps and build connections from the bottom to the top of the Pyramid of Brain + Body Development.

Network Provider Program Includes:

  • BrainyAct Equipment Stations – number of stations based on active student Members and scheduling
  • BrainyAct Software Application – pre-loaded on each station
  • Administrative Portal – one access per Network Provider
  • Parent Portal – access for each seat
  • Supplemental “Homework” Exercises – access to Network Provider and all Student Members
  • Technical Support – via email or phone 8 AM to 8 PM CST
  • Staff Training & Advisory Support per our certification training program
  • Event Launch Support – remote support of selling and/or implementation of first 5 student Members

Questions before you order? Call us at (952) 444-2808

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BrainyAct Network Provider License
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