BrainyAct® is so Much More Than a Video Game

BrainyAct is a comprehensive program that includes three integrated components that are key to creating long-lasting brain and body connections. It’s like having a gym teacher for your brain. We know that each child is unique and different, and we focus on closing their functional motor gaps to create your family’s success story.

Since BrainyAct is grounded in science and practice we recommend training 3 times a week for 45 minutes each session to see changes happen the fastest. When repetition doesn’t occur, new connections will be lost. We are committed to helping every user achieve their highest level of success and we walk along side you with support along the way.

Software is designed like a game but works like an automated therapist

Our magic is in how we collect and analyze data to adjust to the user’s needs. The results are reflected on a dashboard for parents, caregivers or clinicians to track. When time matters the most to you, we make every training session efficient and effective.

In-Home, In-Center, or Try it Out


BrainyAct’s In-Home program allows families the flexibility and convenience of playing the game when it fits their schedule. The only requirements needed are an equipment loan package (gaming computer, Kinect sensor, dance mat, and accessories), a strong internet connection, and 5 x 9 feet of space. Online coaching support provides families tips, tricks, and strategies to keep their child engaged and motivated to play.

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Located in Minnetonka, MN, BrainyAct’s In-Center program provides families with an amazing atmosphere, in a structured environment. BrainyAct coaches motivate and encourage players to ensure effective game execution. After completing each play session, parents receive immediate feedback on their child’s progress.

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If you’re not quite ready to make a decision, try out BrainyAct with an In-Center assessment at our Minnetonka, MN location. This allows you to try BrainyAct with your child prior to purchasing a full program.

*Note: Both In-Home and In-Center options include this first assessment should you decide to get started and begin BrainyAct.

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