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The Transformative Power of Neuro-Motor Exercises in Education

In the dynamic realm of education, where the pursuit of knowledge intersects with the cultivation of well-rounded individuals, there exists a powerful yet often overlooked tool: neuro-motor exercises. These exercises, designed to enhance the brain-body connection, offer a myriad of benefits that extend far beyond the confines of traditional academic learning. In this blog post, […]

BrainyAct Exercise Highlight: Cross Crawl

Today we are going to highlight an exercise that is a staple of our BrainyAct program: Cross Crawl A cross crawl exercise is a type of movement or physical activity that involves coordinated movement patterns between the opposite sides of the body. The primary purpose of cross crawl exercises is to improve coordination, balance, and […]

Cracking the Code of Autism: The Role of Connectivity and Motor-Based Training

Autism, a complex neurodevelopment disorder, has long been a subject of scientific inquiry. Recent research suggests that at its core, autism may be best understood as a connectivity issue within the nervous system. This perspective sheds light on the potential efficacy of targeted motor-based training in alleviating the symptoms associated with autism. Connectivity in Autism […]

What is Neurodiversity? Demystifying the Beautiful Tapestry of Minds

Have you ever marveled at a garden filled with a myriad of flowers, each with its own unique colors and fragrances? Imagine if we applied the same perspective to our minds – recognizing and celebrating the diverse ways they work. This is the heart and soul of Neurodiversity. Unveiling the Tapestry of Minds At its […]

Unlocking Emotional Regulation: The Power of Brain Training

Imagine a world where you possess the ability to navigate your emotions with grace and poise, regardless of life’s challenges. Emotional regulation, the art of managing and responding to emotions effectively, plays a pivotal role in our mental well-being. While it might seem like an elusive skill, recent advancements in neuroscience have shed light on […]

CBS Minnesota: Video Game Program Showing Results For Kids With Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia

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MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Minnesota mom is taking years of pain, and offering healing to others via a video game. It’s no secret kids get sucked right in to video games. Eight-year-old Samantha and 10-year-old Charlie are no exception. But this is a vortex their moms are beyond grateful for. “She doesn’t even realize she’s learning […] Minnetonka-based BrainyAct offers another way to play

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MINNETONKA — Dolly Lowery has a passion for helping students with autism, dyslexia and ADHD overcome their learning disabilities by playing a video game. She and her company, Minnetonka-based Kinuu, launched BrainyAct in 2018, and in May 2019, the company began offering an in-home version of the therapeutic video game. BrainyAct uses Kinect technology — […]

Pioneer Press Story – A metro mom’s computer game aims to help children with learning disabilities, and a home version is coming soon

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Wyatt Vogland, 9, of Bloomington, stared intently at a computer screen in Minnetonka last week, balancing an imaginary red ball in his right hand. The exercise was part of a brain training program called Kinuu created by Dolly Steichen Lowery, of Excelsior, in 2014. Through the program, she developed BrainyAct, an interactive game that helps strengthen weak […]

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