The BrainyAct Summer Transformation: One Summer Can Improve a Lifetime of Learning Struggles

April is Autism Awareness Month and Sheletta is spreading hope for families who fear their child with autism, ADHD and dyslexia is not progressing in their abilities in school, at home and in the world. She interviews Dolly Lowery from Kinuu about BrainyAct, a brain enhancement program that strengthens the underlying brain connections needed for kids to further develop and learn everything being
taught in life.

BrainyAct is offering a 12 Week Summer Brain Boost program at their Minnetonka center. Check it out at Mention Sheletta and
get a 10% discount!

Start with a free assessment by 6/1/22.

The Sheletta Show: An educational video game? We learn about a digital health company geared at helping kids with learning disabilities.

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